Farewell Lament
Anon (written on the closure of the Muskerry Tram Light Railway)
Good-bye good-bye
Old Hook an’ Eye
Farewell O Harnessed Power
We knew full well
The strain would tell
At fourteen miles an hour.

Sometimes you’d touch
Fifteen - too much
You couldn’t well outlast ‘em
When there were snails
Between the rails
You very often passed ‘em.

They’re sick and sore
At Donoughmore
They weep at Coachford Junction
Away out west
By the Anglers’ Rest
Their fishing rods won’t function.

While at St Ann’s
The porter scans
The up-line, vainly hoping
Men sit and groan
With hearts of stone
At Blarney grimly moping.

Your own old bell
Has tolled your knell
You’ve lost your head of pressure
One final blow ________
Then off you go
Goodbye, old friend - and bless you.