The Dripsey Ambush

One Friday Morning in January the boys from far and near,
Assembled down at Godfrey’s Cross an ambush to prepare.
They were from Dripsey Valley and famed old Donoughmore,
Who had come to fight for Ireland where the Dripsey waters flow.

Long and patiently they waited though the day was bitter cold,
Little they knew that behind their backs the ambush had been sold.
That a traitor walked amongst them but this they did not know,
As they waited for the British where the Dripsey waters flow.

At four o’clock the British came and they were well prepared,
With rifles and machine guns they surrounded the Volunteers.
But lads were brave and daring and they made a gallant show,
As they proudly faced the foe that day where the Dripsey waters flow.

God’s angels must have guarded them, for the bullets fell like rain
The soldiers then pursued trying to capture them in vain.
The bravest of them waited to leave their comrades go
And they were shot and captured where the Dripsey waters flow.

And now my song is ended, but I have one more word to say.
Its cursed be every traitor who gave the show away.
May every son of Cromwell be banished from our shore,
And may God protect the rebels, to make Ireland free once more.