Composed by Paddy McDonnell & Mrs Healy

Oh the lakes of Killarney are dear to my heart
The green groves of Blarney, oh why should I part
But I’d rather live lonely in the lowlands serene
From the lowlands of Dripsey, to the highlands of Bweeng.

There is Macroom Castle, the pride of the west
And the fair hills of Carrig, with its heart worn crest
Where I wandered in childhood with a heart full of glee
Going out to the moorlands of sweet Canovee.

Coachford and Peake are the next I will trace
Where the lances are weaving when the fox is in chase
If you go there on a Sunday, there’s a fine hurling ground
It’s the remnant of the ages, the best could be found.

Then I owe my good wishes to sweet Shandy Hall
My heart is in Fergus, Cronody and all
I reflect for one moment on sweet Lisladeen
And the home of the wanderer, in Ballyshoneen.

Then travel with me along the Lee road
Until you come onto Faha, that favourite abode
There’s the home of Dan Connell, whose patriot bold
With the martyrs of Ireland his name is enrolled.

Then go on to Inniscarra and thro’ sweet Cloghroe
And up to Magoola, where the wild plovers soar
Till you come to that hamlet, so fair to be seen
Where you’ll hear the train whistling, going down for Gurteen.

When you come up to Berrings, your attention is drawn
To that beautiful surrounding that’s well known to all
There’s a picturesque chapel, both saintly and tall,
A schoolhouse, a pub and a gorgeous dancehall.

Then travel with me and once more you will find
There is still a dear spot that I have left behind
In deep distillation, in sunshine or rain
I would rather be back in Kilmurray again.