The Yellow House
(attributed to John O’Brien and John O’Sullivan)
The Yellow House is a famous place and bears that name with age,
Likewise that old-time wooden bridge well-known in history’s page.
A lime kiln, too, is on the spot near Ardrum’s wood so grand,
A delightful place to spend a day with friends who are close at hand.

The river, too, flows on beneath and the breeze is so relieving
That you’d like to spend an hour or two at night or Sunday evening.
Tourists, too, no doubt you’ll see at the “Vale of Inniscarra”
Along that road past the Creamery Store en route for Gougane Barra.

Across the way is Callas Hill noted for its steepness,
Which many a driver failed to top, his engine losing sweetness.
And at its foot, “Jude’s Well” stands out, long closed to jug and bucket,
For water now, in modern times, has pipes and pumps to suck it.

The face of Scrallum’s long been changed since mechanism started,
The home of many a fox and hare has now long since departed.
An emerald sod has now replaced the fern and the holly
With a large extent of arable land overlooking Cronin’s quarry.

Carrig-an-Affran on the spot where Mass was often chanted
In penal days long, long ago when priests and nuns were “Wanted”.
This rock is jutting o’er the road and time has failed to move it,
For the side face of an Irish priest is plainly there to prove it.

‘Tis a noted meet of the Muskerry Hunt when they’re in search of foxes,
The parking place up Casey’s lane is filled with new horse boxes.
And many a score was finished there ay back in nineteen thirty,
When Jim O’Mahony raised the Cup and filled it for the thirsty.