Welcome to Inniscarra and the Beautiful Lee Valley

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The picture shown here is of the Inniscarra Reservoir, part of the River Lee
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The latest information and news available
Sports and Leisure facilities for all ages
All notified events that will be happening in Inniscarra during the coming days, weeks and months.

Information about the make-up of the parish and how it has developed through the generations; details of the larger townlands (Cloghroe, Matehy, Tower, Dripsey, Berrings), the schools and the churches.
A comprehensive index of local businesses to supply all your needs.
In the year of The Gathering (2014), a group was formed to collect, refurbish and maintain artefacts and historical documents within the Parish. The resulting Museum is housed in the Inniscarra Community Centre and images are displayed here.
Historical data about the parish and its townlands, the major landmarks and buildings and the people who made Inniscarra.
Formed in 2016, the Society will be encouraging the gathering of historical information, either written or pictorial, throughout the parish by individuals, families and groups to create a legacy archive for the benefit of future generations.
A celebration of the sporting achievements of the Parish, through the stories of individual and team accomplishments over the past generations.
Pictures, in various categories, showing the diversity of our Parish through the ages and the beauty of the landscape