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Inniscarra Welcomes you

The Parish of Inniscarra is situated approximately 10 miles from Cork City in Southern Ireland and covers the area bounded by the River Lee from Leemount Cross to Dripsey, Berrings. Matehy, Tower, St Annes Hill to Kerry Pike and back to Leemount.

Over the last twenty years the Parish of Inniscarra has been transformed from a typical rural parish to an semi-urban society and we welcome all those who have chosen to make their homes here. We know they bring with them many skills and professions that can only benefit our Parish.

Numerous songs have been written about Inniscarra and many an exile had their spirits lifted when they heard the strains of "Sweet Inniscarra", "The Dripsey Woods" or "The Green Hills of Cloghroe".

We have tried to encompass all aspects of the parish, the culture, the history, the natural beauty and the essential character of the people - ultimately, it is the people who make the place.

Please feel free to contribute in any way you think may be of interest to others - just make use of the Contact Us button below.

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